Additional changes

Awesome Guns modification implements a lot of minor changes. These changes make the OpenXcom game more interesting and more exciting. Some of changes improved the game and corrected unimportant mistakes, some of changes have been implemented just for fun. The following sections are the most interesting additional innovations.

Geoscape cities and regions

Many cities have been added to all regions of the globe. This will make the game more interactive, especially during alien terror missions.

Also, the borders between countries and regions have been corrected. For example: Kaliningrad and Vladivostok are related to Russia, Toronto is related to Canada, Honolulu is related to the USA.

Have you ever played DOOM II?

It is funny, is not it?

Говорим по-русски

Игра полностью переведена на русский язык без помощи GoogleTranslate, а некоторые тексты адаптированы с учётом специфики жанра... примерно вот так:

УдивительноеПушки модификация понимай на твой язык хорошо и нет акцент.

Alien reproduction

Access to the alien reproduction is opened. The research and ufopaedia side exist in the OpenXcom game.

Aircraft ramp

The walk-in time on aircraft ramp has been reduced to prevent jumping off from the ramp.

Original behavior
Awesome Guns behavior

Helmets for suits

The OpenXcom game has the same helmet image for the Power suit and the Flying suit. This is inconvenient during battles. The Awesome Guns modification improves it (Flying suit is on the left, Power suit is on the right):

Original view
Awesome Guns view

Moreover, the images in the Inventory screen were improved for Power and Flying suits. Now the soldiers are holding helmets in their hands. Also, two new sections: Holster and Breast were implemented into the soldier's inventory.

Original inventory screen
Awesome Guns inventory screen

Items in the soldier's hands

The OpenXcom game does not have the images for the items that the soldier is holding in his hands. The Awesome Guns modification implements these images. These images show the difference between the OpenXcom game and the Awesome Guns modification (the soldier holds a Proximity grenade and an Electro flare):

Original view
Awesome Guns view

Battlescape control panel

Just a small change for a better view during combats. Buttons on the Control panel have been colored.

Original colours
Awesome Guns colours