Suits, Armours and Vests

Awesome Guns modification offers two different types of vests that can be bought at the beginning of the game. Better personal armours with different colours and possibilities can be researched after alien alloys. The Power suit is the best armour in the game, but without flying possibilities. Flying suit and Flying armour offer fewer features, but let fly. Following sections describe all kind of armours in the Awesome Guns modification.

Standard equipment and vests

Standard equipment looks like an uncovered soldier's backside that scares the aliens.

There are two different vests in the beginning which is better than nothing. These vests can be purchased at any time.

Personal armours

The Alien alloys opens possibility to manufacture different types of personal armours, except the Flying armor which will be available later together with the Flying suit.

Power and Flying suits

Elerium and UFO power source give the opportunity to manufacture Power suit which is the best armour in the game. The Floater autopsy and UFO navigation open Flying suit and Flying armour.

Armour production

Manufacture of armours was extended. There are possibilities to redo one armour into another one. For example, the Power suit can be turned into Flying suit and etc.

Also, armour weights and production requirements were a little bit increased.