Aircraft, launchers and cannons

The dogfights in the OpneXcom game are not well balanced. Interceptors that are equipped with six Avalanche missiles can easily defeat the UFOs, except the Battleships. Three or four interceptors can take down any UFO without problems. It means that interceptors and missile launchers are too good in the beginning of OpenXcom game. The Awesome Guns modification changes this situation. Interceptors are weak, conventional aircraft weapons have low accuracy.

Improved launchers

Discovering alien alloys and UFO navigation allow to improve a little the launcher's accuracy and cannon's range.

New improved interceptor

Better interceptor should be investigated for being used in dogfights against UFOs. This improved interceptor has a great defence and increased radar range. Moreover, new interceptor does not consume Elerium.

Technological weapons

There are new research for opening technological aircraft weapons in the middle and in the end of the game.