Weapons and items

The combats in the OpenXcom game is pretty amazing. First combat is first exciting experience. It is very important to have a lot of possibilities and different types of gun in this time, because each soldier is rookie. Unfortunately, OpenXcom game offers just a pistol, rifle, grenades and two cannons. Fortunately, Awesome Guns modification offers a lot of different type of guns, launchers and grenades. There are two types of one-handed pistols, two types of rifles, a shotgun, two cannons with different opportunities, incendiary grenades. Moreover, medical kit, motion scanner and two different vests are allowed from the beginning of the game. All of them will help your rookies to fight against aliens, especially on the IROMMAN level without saving. Be aware, the Awesome Guns modification is the IROMMAN modification.

Conventional pistols and rifles

Alloy rifles

The alien alloys give the chance to research the assault rifle and the biggest sniper rifle. Also, alloys can be used in the production of better ammunitions.

Shotguns and launchers

Laser weapons

The Laser weapons is the a good alternative. This type of guns have a great accuracy, but due to the overheating is not able to conduct a quick fire. The laser shotgun has a great power. And a little surprise from a faraway distant galaxy - Laser Sword.

Alien weapons

Unfortunately, these weapons are controlled by mind. But in the middle of the game some of alien weapons can be converted to human friendly plasma guns and can be used during combats.

Converted alien weapon

Electromagnetic weapon

Also, electromagnetic aircraft cannon and sniper rifle can be researched.

Grenades and other weapons

In addition, Awesome Guns modification implements a lot of different types of grenades and items. These weapons will give you a lasting impression during the game. Below are some of them.